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Things To Do

There are plenty of outdoor actives within walking distance or a 45 minute drive. We will be updating this list with links and more details.

Lake Activities

Arrow Lake is just across the road, there is a public boat launch and two beaches within a short walk (although if you are bringing a lot of water toys it is a short drive).

Boat Launch: There is a public boat launch and dock at Arrow Lakes Provincial Park – Fauquier

Beaches & Swimming: There is also a beach, swimming area and day use are at the Arrow Lakes Provincial Park – Fauquier. Also ask us about another public beach area that is hidden away about 1 km from the Tukaluk.

Kayak and Paddle Boards: You can rent Kayaks and Paddle Boards from Humming Bird Cabins and Breakfast just down the road.

Hot Springs

Nakusp Hot Springs

Nestled deep within the natural beauty of the Kuskanax valley, the Nakusp Hot Springs are community owned and operated and have the cleanest water and a view that is unsurpassed.

Halcyon Hot Springs

Situated in a spectacular waterfront location on beautiful Upper Arrow Lake, with views of the soaring Monashee Mountains unfolding before them, the Halcyon Hot Springs are the centerpiece of the resort.


Fauquier Golf Course

Take time to enjoy a relaxing round of golf on the shores of the beautiful Arrow Lakes. Located in the beautiful Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges, this 9 hole course is both fun for the novice and a challenge for the more experienced golfer.

Nakusp Golf Course

For all who travel through our incredibly lush Kootenay area, looking for a good ole golf game, come and visit us at Nakusp Centennial Golf Course. With 9-holes on grass greens, spectacular mountain views and a Licensed Fairway Café loaded with hospitality, it’s a great way to spend your day.


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Mountain Biking

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